"The job hunting process can be exhausting and intimidating yet CAREER PREP's expertise made it a thousand times easier. Their strategies were "spot on" and no detail was overlooked. Working with CAREER PREP allowed me to become a more confident interviewee and taught me to present my best self to employers. Thanks to their help I am on my way to where I want to be professionally."

-C. Franczyk, Buffalo, New York

After 30 years at my company there was a restructuring and I was job eliminated. Career Prep helped me identify my skills and translate them into another career opportunity. They literally worked magic for me. 

- J. O'Connor, Jackson, Mississippi

CAREER PREP was an integral factor during my job search. They not only helped me position myself in business but also coached me through the interview process. I can't imaging going through my job search without their guidance.

 -L. Onorato, New York City, NY

I would not have had the same level of confidence and preparedness going into the job search if it wasn't for CAREER PREP's coaching.  So, thank you, thank you!!

                                                  -E. Skinner, San Francisco, CA

CAREER PREP is essentially the reason I am successful today. They were the coach and mentor I needed when beginning my career. Not only did CAREER PREP encourage me to pursue a path I would excel in, they also offered practical advice on how to handle challenges. I can't say enough good things about the company and would recommend these coaching services to anyone looking to start off their career (or begin a new one) on the right foot.

   -L. Hnantin, Chester Springs, PA

CAREER PREP was not only extremely helpful in the search for my first job, but incredibly motivating. Their coaching taught me how to nail an interview and feel confident answering all sorts of questions while highlighting the skills I had to offer. CAREER PREP taught me that the job is not going to get you; you have to get the job, and they coached me through the process that landed me my current, awesome job. Most of all, CAREER PREP helped me recognize my strongest skills and how to use them before and after I landed the job.

 -T. Griffin,  New York City, NY