CAREER PREP is a 360 Degree Job search coaching resource, regardless of where you are in your career.  We teach winning job search strategies to recent college graduates, mid-career executives or anyone looking to reimagine their career. We are the real deal as our advice is based on real world business experience. We will give you the skills insights and encouragement you need to overcome any obstacle between you and your dream job. 

Believe it or not...every single candidate we've worked with has found a job. And you will too. 

The first step is to determine the direction you want to pursue, so we can create your personal narrative to be compatible with it.  We create a story about your unique brand showcasing your strengths.  Then we design a resumé, LinkedIn page and cover letter that reflect your brand. 


Next we prepare you for your interviews with tips on form plus content.  Then we take the process one step further …where no one else does.  We show you how to get those interviews.  Right now resumés just get stuck in an electronic queue. We give you insider information on how to break through the clutter and connect with hiring managers.  After all, the way you get a job is by interviewing, not by sending our resumés.  Then of course we help you construct a follow up letter.  Finally we show  you how create an action plan to keep your job search on track.


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CAREER PREP gives presentations at colleges, community programs and other groups interested in our winning strategies. We can do the same for your group. Career Prep has presented at prestigious institutions such as: Fashion Institute of Technology, Yale University Graduate Business School, The Newhouse School at Syracuse University and College of the Holy Cross.


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